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slixmpp v1.2

Exactly one year after the release of slixmpp 1.1, it is time to announce the release of slixmpp version 1.2.

slixmpp is an asyncio-based python (3.4+) library for XMPP, started from the SleekXMPP sources.

Notable changes

  • Link Mauve put a huge focus on performance and micro-optimizations, while also modernizing the codebase (deprecated aliases, etc)
  • New XEPs plugins: XEP-0070, XEP-0256, XEP-0333, XEP-0334, XEP-0352
  • Fixed the XEP-0198 plugin.
  • Fixed legacy SSL
  • Updated documentation
  • More fixes (tracebacks, or more subtle errors due to asyncio)

Thanks to all the contributors (listed in the README) for this release!

If you have remarks or suggestions concerning this article, please by all means contact me.