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Service migration

Almost three years ago, I fell for a discounted offer at online, which was selling dedicated servers for €2/month (plus tax), which is really cheap. I didn’t get much use from it, except hosting my pix on a good connection at a time where I didn’t have a 200Mb/s upload on my home connection, and doing small backups.

A few days ago, online announced that they were going to phase out those servers on the 1st of May, and that I should move from it ASAP, while giving me access to a free (until 1st May) dedibox SC. That said "free installation" when going from a €2.40 server to a €12 one doesn’t please me a lot (even if of course the performance and server quality doesn’t have much in common, I don’t even know where they found the VIA U2250 processors in the €2 box). That is why I chose to move instead to a C1 server at scaleway, which is technically still online (ARMv7 quad-core, 2GB of RAM, 50GB SSD) at around €3/month).

I have already moved my pix, but also a gitea, and a blog mirror for testing. Since I put archlinux instead of centos on it, it will be much more pleasant to use, so I will probably do more things with it. I also used the occasion to start writing ansible roles for my services, in order to have a painless migration next time (available on the formentioned gitea). Next up: a monit configuration for those same services, and managing to make buildbot work with gitea/gogs webhooks.

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