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slixmpp v1.0

I am pleased to announce the release of slixmpp version 1.0 today. This was a blocker for a release of poezio, and we have been using the library for a while now, so it is deemed sufficiently stable for a release.

About slixmpp

Slixmpp is an XMPP library forked from SleekXMPP with a focus on recent and future python versions, with multithreading removed in favor of asyncio. For more insight into the reasons of the fork, louiz’ wrote an article on his blog.

Notable changes

  • cython is now an optional dependency at build-time that will compile an optimized stringprep module, improving greatly the speed of the JID() function which is called fairly often. Compilation of this module requires libidn and its headers. (thanks Link Mauve)
  • The API differs in order to accomodate asyncio, to learn more about it, please look at the embedded documentation in the sources, or the readthedocs pages.
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